On-Demand Streaming of H-IIA Rocket Launch

Audio sound from the H-IIA rocket launch on November 24, 2015, in Tanegashima, will be available in DSD5.6MHz via on-demand streaming.

The IIJ DSD audio-recording team was on-site to conduct the recording of the H-IIA rocket launch on November 24, 2015, in Tanegashima. And it will be available in DSD5.6MHz via on-demand streaming.

We hope you will enjoy this rare opportunity to experience the launch through its sounds in DSD.

On-demand streaming
available from December 11, 2015 (Thursday)
Date of rocket launch
November 24, 2015, between 15:23 – 17:07 (Japan local time)
Tanegashima Space Center (Japan)
Launched rocket
Recording supported by

PrimeSeat v.1.2.0 Release

PrimeSeat v.1.2.0 is now available
From 11/26/2015 13:00


-Now compatible for playback with KORG DS-DAC_10R
-Enhanced stability for network playback
-Ability to jump from chapter to chapter
-Direct Sound support has ended
-Minor bugs have been fixed

How to Listen DSD Live Streaming

DSD Live Streaming is a test to demonstrate live streaming of concerts over the Internet.
By using the DSD 5.6 MHz method, you can enjoy concerts with high sound quality.


#02How will ultra-high-quality sound change the listening experience?

We spoke with three professionals who have been enchanted with music and acoustics, and who have also been involved in the development of high definition sound. Upcoming DSD 5.6 MHz live streaming broadcasts represent an advanced test that will confirm in a public place the technical feasibility of this technology. Here, Koji Oishi (KORG), Fumitaka Nishio (Sony), and Takao Fukui (Sony) share their predictions about the future of the listening experience.

#01How far have we come with recording and playback technology?

DSD 5.6 MHz live streaming broadcasting is a joint project made possible by the cooperation of four companies: IIJ, KORG, Sony, and Saidera Paradiso. We asked three of the people who have made major contributions to the development of DSD recording and playback technology--Koji Oishi (KORG); Fumitaka Nishio (Sony); and Takao Fukui (Sony)--to look back on the evolution of digital recording and playback.

#00What does high-quality sound truly mean?

Whether the source is analog or digital, Saidera Paradiso's Seigen Ono is an artist and recording engineer with a critical ear for discerning high-quality sound, one who is respected and trusted by his fellow artists throughout the world. Currently, Seigen Ono is supervising our revolutionary live streaming delivery project. What does high-quality sound mean? Why does he want us to listen to music played using the highest achievable sound quality? We were able to spend some time talking with Seigen Ono, and he kindly provided meaningful answers to our simple questions.

How were DSD live streaming broadcasts created?

The epoch-making musical experience of DSD 5.6 MHz live streaming broadcasts is supported behind the scenes by the Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ) project team. What makes this dream collaboration possible is a story made up of excellent content, the advanced technologies of a number of companies, and more than anything else, the passionate commitment of the people involved in the project to broadcast a high-definition sound source. Four members of the IIJ team look back on a busy year in which the project went from concept to reality.